Activity on Motion


The motion of an object can be described in terms of distance or displacement, time, speed or velocity, and acceleration. The motion can be represented with the use of words, diagrams, numbers, equations, and graphs. In this activity, the students will describe and compare the motion of two objects moving at constant velocity. They will also interpret the position-time graph of the two objects.


1. Describe the initial positions of the two cars.

2. Click on the play button and observe the movements of the two cars.

a. How would the distance time-graph of each look like? Draw them on a single graph.

2. Click on the “Trace red car” and “Trace blue car” buttons.

a. How fast are the two cars moving?

b. How much faster was the red car than the blue car?

c. How far has each car travelled before they were side-by-side?

d. At what time will the two cars be moving side-by-side?

e. If you will make a velocity-time graph, how would it look like?

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