Sep 292012

This is a dynamic worksheet for exploring the sum and difference of two equations in two unknowns. You can use this to explain the elimination method for solving systems of linear equations of the form ax+by=c.

1. At the upper right of the applet you will find the sliders corresponding to the parameters of linear equations of the form ax+by = c. Use the sliders to make the equations, for example, 5x +3y =0.8 and -5x+5y=4. What do you think is the point of intersection of the lines?

2. At the bottom right of the applet you will see the sum and difference of the two equations. At what point will the sum or the difference intersect the two lines?

3. At the upper left of the applet you will see Show/Hide button. Use this to check your predictions.

4. Use this applet to explore other pairs of equations.

Coming up: Student worksheets to accompany this applet.

Click here to open the applet in a new window and save it.

Coming up: Dynamic worksheet for solving systems of equation by substitution method.

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