About AgIMat

This site is a public service of the UP NISMED staff. You will find here teaching and learning materials to help in the K to12 science and mathematics teaching. Some of the materials have been used in classes and professional development for teachers, while others are still for pilot testing. You may use the comment section or send email to the author if you have suggestions and feedbacks.

AgiMat is an acronym  for Agham, Impormasyon, at Matematika. 

Agham is the Filipino word for Science. Being so, the font style for Ag is somewhat metallic as it symbolizes the element silver.

Matematika is the Filipino word for Mathematics. The font style used are symbols used in most Math functions, such as the rotated upper case sigma for M, small case alpha for a, and upper case tau for T.

Impormasyon is the Filipino word for Information. It is used here as a catchall phrase for posts from the latest technology, tools, and information in teaching science and math to news and events.

In the Philippines, math and science are taught in Filipino from K to 3 and in English onwards. The materials and articles in this site will be in either of these two languages.

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